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Vegan nutrition has long since ceased to be a niche topic. There are two vegans in my family, which made me want to browse through vegan cooking and baking recipes and just go for it. And lo and behold: even the family members, for whom meat was the real vegetable until now, are surprised: vegan food is delicious! Reason enough for me to look around and give you – again in alphabetical order – a few tips for vegan restaurants in Lübeck.

Fancy vegan restaurants?

Let me say up front: I can’t quite come up with seven purely vegan restaurants. But almost! Numerous other restaurants and various cafes have vegan options available beyond this small listing. My conclusion in advance: It is now very easy for vegans to feast their way through Lübeck.

7 towers – 7 tips


Café Affenbrot

Café Affenbrot in the Werkhof on the corner of Kanalstraße and Glockengießerstraße offers exclusively vegetarian and vegan food. In Lübeck it is a real traditional restaurant. It is fitting that it opens the series of seven here, because the Affenbrot has been offering tasty vegetarian dishes always in organic quality since the early 1980s. At that time vegetarians were still a very critically eyed species of man. That people would want to voluntarily eat a vegan diet seemed downright abstruse. In recent years, due to growing demand at Café Affenbrot, more and more vegan dishes have been added to the menu.

The team makes (almost) everything possible if you have a special wish. At the Werkhof which as a cultural and event centre aims to bring people together, the Café Affenbrot with its light-flooded winter garden is a popular meeting place for a colourful mix of guests: families with small children, backpackers, students, bookworms, Zumba ladies, the young at heart. And soon maybe you too?



Erbse - Tip for vegan restaurants in Lübeck
Erbse Scheibe scaled

“Save your Karma eat vegan.” The Erbse is of course also one of our tips for vegan restaurants in Lübeck. It welcomes you directly at Fleischhauerstraße 59. Easily recognizable by the pea-green painted facade. Only recently the interior has been spruced up. The dark green of the wall has a very relaxing effect in combination with white and warm wood tones. Jannis Wolter and his team manage the balancing act here of offering high-quality vegan fast food not only on-site but also off-site. The cuisine is a mix of different influences. My recommendation for you is the dumpling trio. By the way, you can also buy the original sauces from the Erbse directly on site for your home vegan cooking evenings. UPDATE July 2023: the Erbse is closed. We’ll present you a good alternative here soon!

To the Erbse

Home of Wheat

The “Home of Wheat” of the brothers Eran and Eray Özyilmaz at Fleischhauerstraße 41 is still quite young. As the name suggests, wheat serves as the base for the various dishes. There are bowls and wraps on the menu that you can assemble yourself. Inside, warm brown tones dominate, and when the weather is nice, it’s great to sit outside and watch the people strolling by and let the cheerful, serene atmosphere take effect on you. For your lunch break, for example, choose the “Wheat Balls”, which you can also take to your favourite place in Lübeck and eat them there with pleasure. The “Wheat Sushi” is my personal favorite.



Our 4th tip for vegan restaurants awaits you at Obertrave 6 . The Kartoffelspeicher has wonderful baked potatoes with various toppings – also known as “Kumpir”. You can either choose the filling directly from the card or make your own. All variations are vegetarian and vegan on request. Gluten-free variants are also offered. You can sit in nice weather and enjoy the view of the impressive salt warehouses. Whether Turkish Delight or Toscana. Here you will find your favourite kumpir.


Marae – Coffee & Magic

We have already presented Café Marae at Engelsgrube 59 in detail recently. Here you can find the live report from Café Marae. The Marae sees itself as a place of encounter. Sustainability and delight are not mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite! All dishes and the delicious raw cakes are homemade from organically grown ingredients. Every week there are new creations. Even homemade style vegan Matjes are on the menu from time to time. I like to be here for breakfast. The Pancakes! And the vegan fried egg! Yummy.


My Hummus

Keep calm and eat hummus – that’s the motto of My Hummus, our 6th tip. You won’t really be surprised to learn that the offerings at this little café bar in Beckergrube include 67 different types of hummus. All are homemade and served with pita, arugula, olive oil and sweet potatoes or potatoe sauce. The nutrient-rich chickpea puree is also becoming increasingly popular in our country. If you’re out for breakfast in Lübeck, you might opt for one of the delicious muesli varieties plus fruit selection, nuts and cranberries. My Hummus is also a good choice before going to the theatre.


None Meat – urban kitchen

Yes, ve-gan. None is a popular restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere in the heart of Lübeck at Mühlenstraße 50, which interprets vegan Turkish dishes in a modern way. Here you will find vegan kebabs called Vöner, wraps, Turkish pizza and fresh stone-baked bread. The recipe for the bread comes from the brothers Taycan and Anil Kilic ‘s own family, which is probably why it tastes so incredibly delicious. In summer I preger the freshly mixed vegan ayran with ice and mint. At the beginning of 2023, the None in the Mühlenstraße has closed its doors. It is looking for new premises. We’ll keep you updated here!

Fancy vegan restaurants in Lübeck?

Did you work up an appetite? Is one of the vegan restaurants also near you? Have fun trying it out. Write us how you liked the food.

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