Democracy in Lübeck

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Klaus Puschaddel

Democracy in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck is a high good, which our ancestors already had inscribed on the Holsten Gate with the Latin words Concordia domi foris pax (“Harmony inside, peace outside”).

Demokratie und Werte in Lübeck von Klaus Puschaddel

Democracy is Alive

Around 180 organizations, associations and initiatives in our city help to ensure that our democracy remains alive, that politics constantly receives impulses from outside and that important issues are negotiated.

In Lübeck’s council meetings, the members debate the issues and I, as chairman of the city parliament, always try to do justice to each member and give them room to express their own opinions.


It’s not always easy, but for me, respect for each other comes first. I enjoy working with the many different people and ultimately achieving a good result for our citizens.

Democracy and Values in Lübeck by Klaus Puschaddel

Everyone can get involved in the one cause they are convinced of. This is probably the best way to remain capable of acting in times of crisis. To make one’s own contribution to ensuring that our cohesion remains stable, that people on the fringes of society are included, that we approach each other again and again, that we seek contact and conversation, that we expose ourselves to other opinions: All of this is no “small contribution” to a vivid democracy.

The communication of political content and decisions and the formation of opinions can strengthen democracy – but also weaken it. It is important not to give up, to work on it and to readjust it again and again.

Democracy lives from participation!

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Klaus Puschaddel

Since 2020, Klaus Puschaddel has been the city president (Stadtpräsident) of Lübeck and thus the highest representative of the Hanseatic city. He had already held the office of deputy city president since 2013. A graduate in business administration, he has always had close ties with Lübeck, having worked for 33 years at Niederegger, a company with a long tradition in Lübeck, including as an authorized signatory and member of the management board. And his political career is also a Lübeck success story: In 1990, Klaus Puschaddel became a member of Lübeck's city council and three years later chairman of the Christian Democrats' parliamentary group, which he led for 14 years.