Guest posts

In this new section, we present in loose sequence thoughts of well-known and less-known people from Lübeck on a topic dear to their hearts.

The external view

Kulturtaler Lübeck

tina brauckmann quad

Bettina Braukmann is a woman of action with almost inexhaustible energy. During the pandemic, she joined forces with other committed people and launched the Kulturtaler Lübeck. The project has now become an integral part of cultural life in Lübeck.

KulturTafel Lübeck

Kristine Goddemeyer©Karin Lubowski scaled

With the KulturTafel Lübeck, Kristine Goddemeyer has established a great initiative that gives people access to cultural activities. It suits Lübeck so well!

Happy birthday to you!

Margrit Wegner Bild c Steffi Niemann 1 1 scaled

Margrit Wegner, pastor of Lübeck’s Cathedral, is excited about the week of celebrations in honour of the cathedral, which celebrates its 850th anniversary this year.

Along the Trave – reading

Schleiwies Gerald 2

Dr. Gerald Schleiwies Director of the Library of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck on digital offerings from the Lübeck City Library, which celebrated its 400th anniversary last year.

Wall piece of rememberance

bettina greiner 1

Dr. Bettina Greiner, the director of the Willy Brandt House in Lübeck, addresses the courage required to rebel against totalitarian structures.