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After having spoken to the designer Margrit Edelhoff and after the visit of the exhibition “Good Fabric” in the European Hansemuseum, you will come across the topic of clothing again today. This time Lübeck ZWISCHENZEILEN is dedicated to a store that offers you a unique shopping experience. For once, however, we are not in Lübeck’s Old Town. Today I will take you to the Lübeck Meissner Storeat Hafenstraße 27-29 to meet Katinka and Mark Greven. Why the Hafenstraße? There’s not much else to see. And isn’t there enough choice in the Old Town? Good point. Because it’s true: Lübeck’s Old Town has many charming stores and you are guaranteed to find something there. However, if you’re looking for labels that aren’t available everywhere else in Lübeck, Meissner is the place to go.

Parking directly in front of the door

Parking? Can’t you get there by public transport? Yes, you can, for example, take bus number 15 from the Central Bus Station in the direction of Glashüttenweg. But if you are en route by car, it is quite convenient that you can park right in front of the door. Gentlemen in particular still find it a boon when shopping involves as little effort as possible. This is by no means a cliché. Women spend three years of their lives acquiring new things. In a study, Greenpeace found that 40 percent of women regularly go shopping even though they don’t need anything. By contrast, the majority of men, 64 percent, consider shopping to be a waste of time.

Meissner fashion in Lübeck

Fashion should be fun

Both men and women enjoy coming to the Meissner fashion Store. This is due to the concept that the Greven couple and the entire Meissner team stand for. Over a freshly made cappuccino, Katinka Greven describes the path the company has taken in recent years. The name Meissner has always stood for competent advice. The business has been at this location since 1947. Step by step, after taking over the store from their parents or in-laws respectively in 2009, the current owners have abandoned mainstream brands that are also offered in the Old Town shops and in shopping centres on the outskirts of Lübeck. “We just don’t want to compete with that,” says Katinka Greven.

“We’ve raised our profile and only sell labels that we like ourselves and whose concepts we can relate to.”

“It’s incredibly more fun to work with people who stand for similar values and beliefs. This is crucial for successful work in the team, but also for contacts with suppliers,” says Katinka Greven. This attitude is part of today’s success, but also required courage in the beginning.

The issue of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. In production today, the focus is increasingly on lower emissions through short transport routes and on certified production sites while maintaining consistently high product quality.

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Katinka and Mark Greven are well connected in the fashion industry. Knowing industry trends is essential. It is just as important for them to have the specific needs of their clientele in mind: What can be sold in Lübeck? How fashion-forward are the people who buy at Meissner in-store or online? It is always said that the northern German type of person feels most comfortable dressed in dark blue. This is not true, says Katinka Greven. The clientele is consistently open-minded and enthusiastic about new things.

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Problematic cases do not exist

You may know this: you go out and find: NOTHING! Or just black pants. Which you basically don’t need, since various black pants are already hanging in your closet. For you, there seems to be nothing suitable in this big colourful world of fashion. You see garish colour combinations. Peculiar cuts. Daring Styles. When you find something, you’re unsure what to pair it with. Luxury problem, I know. But not pleasant at all. The Meissner team will show you that you are by no means a problematic case. As soon as you enter the store, you feel the pleasantly unagitated atmosphere. You can look around at your leisure first, but you will quickly find a fashion consultant in the store of almost 1,000 m2, if you have a specific desire or do not want to search for a long time.

Consulting is one of the team’s core competencies. Everyone here is wholeheartedly dedicated to fashion and loves and lives trends and styles.

However, the styles must always be wearable and fit into people’s everyday lives. You’ll hear an honest opinion when you come out of the locker room. Never will a garment be sugar coated, no matter how trendy it is. If it doesn’t look good on you, then that’s the way it is and you’ll immediately find the piece that was just waiting for you. If an alteration is needed, that’s no problem either, because there is an in-house tailoring department. Another great advantage for many customers is that they can try on matching accessories to go with their newly acquired treasures.

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Of course, you can always drop by spontaneously. If you want to be sure, just make an appointment online with the team member of your choice. He or she will really dedicate a lot of time to you and your needs – whether a family celebration, a new business outfit or mere curiosity about the latest trends. Regular customers often have their own personal favourite consultant for years. I like that there’s one person focused on me and making individual suggestions so I don’t end up going home with the umpteenth white blouse. Or just the black pants.

Digital only

Meissner advertises exclusively digitally. The company focuses on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Small videos and reels are shot in-house. The team is shows so much fun and creativity at work. Members of the team personally present the individual pieces, show how to style them and what combination options are available. The short videos are not only created in the store or outside in front of the entrance. The scenes are often filmed at prominent locations in Lübeck and Travemünde with exciting new perspectives on the city and the seaside resort.

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The growing number of social media followers shows that the corporate strategy which is focused entirely on digital sales channels, is right. Meissner gains new customers there. Friday afternoons and Saturdays are particularly busy. Every Saturday, WeekendVibes await you with a glass of champagne or a specialty coffee, freshly made by Cycle Roasters. Meanwhile, a DJ will provide the right sound.

On special dates, you can get a tattoo on your sneakers purchased on site or sample sushi from Arsién Sushi . This also shows that the Grevens feel rooted in Lübeck and enjoy living and working here. Katinka gives me a parting recommendation to use a lot of colour for the coming season. More colour in these times – that’s definitely what we need!

Meissner fashion in Lübeck

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