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Enjoy Asian cuisine in Lübeck. No problem at all, because Lübeck offers a wide variety of activities not only on the Old Town Island. Of course, there is no ONE Asian cuisine, not even the ONE Chinese cuisine. Not even the ONE Vietnamese or Thai cuisine. And quite honestly, most of us only know a tiny fraction of the variety of food prepared between Heilongjian and Surabaya. I, for one, love the predominantly light dishes with lots of vegetables, meat and fish. Likes ginger, lemongrass, sesame and spicy sauces and think it’s just wonderful that Lübeck’s gastro scene is so vibrant. If you check back here often, you already know that our 7 towers tips are always listed alphabetically. Let’s go!

7 towers – 7 tips


ARSIÉN fusion japanese cuisine

The creative owner of Arsién Arsen Arthur Agadschanjan started out with a smaller restaurant on the Mühlenbrücke. The great success encouraged him to venture a move to new premises at Hüxterdamm 3 in the summer of 2022. And here, too, he and his team do everything right, because the restaurant is always very well attended and a reservation is recommended.

Arsen says he takes great pleasure in combining traditional Japanese elements of sushi cuisine with ingredients from Europe and South America. And the sushi creations are excellent, tasty and visually a poem. You taste, see and feel here that work is done with passion. And more than a side note, you’ll also find many vegan sushi creations on the menu with tofu, for example. The Arsién is not only a place where you can dine exquisitely. Here also the ambience with lots of greenery, details in gold and flamingos is stylish and simply instagramable.


Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl

Centrally located at the foot of St. Petri you will find the Buddha Bowl at Schmiedestraße 26. Here, the team around Thi Diep Nguyen serves you the finest bowls and dishes from the region of Indochina, but also sushi, which is sometimes served very fancy with liquid nitrogen. The Flying Noodles are a real eye-catcher. Try Mekong Lemon Gras (rice noodles with fresh lettuce, peanuts and sliced meat marinated in lemongrass honey with a light lime and herb dip). I can also recommend you the freshly prepared lemonades according to your own recipe. You experience the whole thing with stimulating background music in an ambience of dark wooden furniture and countless plants, which reminds a little of a jungle. It’s best to make reservations in advance, especially if you want to dine there or are traveling in a large group. At noon you often have spontaneous luck.


Manna Sushi & Grill

You will find Manna in the heart of Lübeck’s old town at the foot of St. Marien in Marienkirchhof 2. This is where Europe and Asia meet in terms of taste since 2019. The heart of the restaurant is its owner Ram Kaji Gosai, an extremely warm person and trained ramen chef and sushi master. The training of a sushi master lasts up to 10 years. Did you know that apprentices start out at the company as cleaners and then first learn how to prepare sushi rice the right way, know its exact cooking point, and how to cool and season it properly? The consistency of the rice is crucial to the taste of a successful sushi dish. As a result, trainees spend up to two years on this skill alone before learning other elements such as how to cut fish. Every sushi chef (so far only men can learn this profession) should study with dedication and acquire deep respect for the products and skills. You can taste that Ram Kaji Gosai puts all his love and knowledge acquired over the years into the preparation of the dishes. Try the Sushi à la Chef here with a loved one and you’ll immediately understand what I mean.


Onni Seoulkitchen

Let’s get to the Onni. Jun Kang is the owner of the small restaurant at Mühlenstraße 52a and the soul of the house. “Eonni” is the Korean word for a woman’s “big sister” or “older sister” (If it were a man’s older sister, one would say nuna.) The matter of correct form of address in Asian languages is super complicated for laymen. After all, it is based on an extensive politeness system. Depending on how old or young the person you want to greet is, what rank they occupy in the professional or social hierarchy, you choose a different wording, which is also defined by who you are and their place in the overall structure. There are seven different language levels in Korea. Yes, I know…. Once again, I am immersed in the world of languages. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn Korean to experience the diversity of Korean cuisine at “Onni.” I can only advise you to feast once across the map:

Kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi and mandu are among the most popular dishes at Onni- varied, spicy and hot. If you like it hot and spicy, be sure to order the Tteokbokki. These are rice cakes served in hot sauce with lots of chili. In Korea, you can find them as popular street food on every street corner.


nui ramen bar

ramen 4647411 1280

You love ramen, the traditional noodle soup from Japan? The best! At Untertrave 110, within sight of the Holsten Gate, the nui Ramenbar invites you to a culinary trip to Japan and Thailand. The best ramen in Lübeck, if you ask me. Ramen noodles consist solely of wheat flour and water. The finished dish must have four components: Soup, sauce, the noodles and toppings such as sesame seeds, vegetables, bean sprouts, egg or seafood. At nui, owner and chef Dev Gautam offers you a wide selection of delicious creations. And if you’re in the mood for sushi or gyoza, you’re sure to find something on the menu. My choice here, by the way, often falls on Maguro Sashimi when I’m not ordering my favorite Ramen Udon Sake. At Hüxstraße 91 there is a small dependency: the nui to go. Here, Dev Gautam’s team whips up Sushi-to-Go.


Raahi 1A

In early August 2022, chef and owner Preetam Singh Sodi celebrated the opening of Raahi 1a on the Old Town Island at Mühlenbrücke 1a. The restaurant, which boasts a decidedly stylish interior in green and gold, has long since ceased to be an insider tip. That’s because you can enjoy authentic Indian food at Raahi. Prepared from the highest quality products. Fine Indian Food. That says it all. You can do absolutely nothing wrong here. Each dish has its own unique character. The cooking at “Raahi 1A” is based on recipes that take into account Indian nutritional teachings. Preetam attaches great importance to fresh spices, herbs and regional products. Order several small plates so you can sample as much as possible. My appetizer favorite is the Raahi Signature Kebab Platter.

Raahi means “traveler.” How fitting for the well-traveled chef, whose path led from India to the most renowned houses in Singapore, China and the Maldives to Germany. Thanks to Preetam’s creativity, we guests also arrive for a few moments of pleasure in his native India, which for me is one of the most fascinating countries in the world.



Shanghai Gericht lowres 960w

The restaurant Shanghai at Koberg 6 is a true institution in Lübeck. In 1966 it was opened – albeit in a different location – as Lübeck’s very first Chinese restaurant. A real sensation for the city. The chef at the time, Kwa-Se Yin, brought back many traditional recipes from his home region of Yangzhou on the Grand Canal. It is known as the home of fish and rice and the stronghold of southern Chinese cuisine. Over the years, European influences found their way into Kwa-Se Yin’s cuisine. Whether it’s wan tan dumplings or Shanghai spring rolls, here you’ll taste that the team of current owner Yuming Yin cooks primarily from Jiangnan-style recipes. The wine list is first class and the food is served on fine Rosenthal tableware. You will certainly be surprised by the noble, modern design, which pleasantly stands out from the Chinese restaurant cliché. So: no aquarium and no laminated menus. Do you have a special wish? Then be sure to talk to the service staff, because (almost) everything is made possible here.

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