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The most beautiful running routes in Lübeck

A few years ago I discovered jogging for myself. I get my head free, don’t need much more than halfway decent shoes and can start spontaneously and practically anywhere – whether at home or traveling, alone or in company.

My name is Stefan and I am new on board the LTM. Not too long ago I moved from Berlin to Lübeck. It wasn’t to be long before I realized the jogging potential of my new adopted home. Our city is relatively flat, very green and full of varied landscapes and panoramas. As a rule, the climate remains kind to us even in the height of summer – quite unlike our capital, which turns into an oven every summer. Besides, it’s never far to the water here in Lübeck. Many of our jogging routes lead along rivers, lakes or the Baltic Sea coast. In between you can cool off in many places and why not combine running with some swimming laps? There are only a few other places like this.

For this post, we’ve summarized our team’s favorite running routes for you. Ready, steady, go!

7 towers – 7 tips


The old town circuit – sightseeing in jogging shoes

Jogging in and around Lübeck - for your morning and sunset runs

Total length: approx. 6 km

The route is always along the water and mostly on sandy paths. On the way you will get to see the entire panorama of Lübeck’s Old Town Island. You pass the popular parks at the Krähen- and Mühlenteich, as well as the twin towers of Lübeck Cathedral. The path leads across the ramparts to the moat and along it to the Doll’s Bridge.

At the water stairs you cross the Trave and follow it past the old harbor halls to the castle gate. Along the eastern bank of the Trave, the path leads back to the starting point. Sightseeing in jogging shoes!


The Kanaltravenschleife – always along the water of the old salt road

Jogging around Lübeck

Course length: 9 km (with possibility to upgrade to 11 or 17 km)

My personal favorite route. Here you walk always along the water of the old salt road. Since the completion of the Stecknitz Canal in 1398, Lüneburg salt has been shipped to Lübeck along this route.

You start at the skate park Kanalstraße and follow the Trave southwards, pass Krähen- and Mühlenteich, Stadtgraben and Lachswehr, cross the Alte Trave and finally reach the railroad bridge at Laubenweg. It would be 9 km to here and back. The next “turning point” further south would be Moislinger Brücke and the total length of the route would thus be 11km. The detour is worthwhile, however, because the small detour leads across the scenic mouth of the Trave into the Stecknitz Canal. The next turning point would be at the Oberbüssau lock. It would be 17 km to here and back to Lübeck.

We return on the other side of the Kanaltrave – always with the twin towers of Lübeck Cathedral in view.


The Draeger Trail – on water and on land along the Amazon of the North

Jogging and running routes around Lübeck

Total length: 5 km (plus swimming in the Wakenitz – don’t forget your swimsuit!)

This little gem of a jogging route runs along Draegerweg on the Wakenitz River, which meanders broadly and leisurely through forests, meadows and Lübeck’s suburbs, living up to its reputation as the “Amazon of the North.” Given the small cottages with waterfront plots and boat moorings, the comparison with Swedish country idyll would not be far-fetched either.

You start at the canoe launch at the Wallbrechtstraßenbrücke. The route leads mainly on sandy paths to the open meadow and pasture landscape behind the Goldberg. In the warm season you should definitely treat yourself to a bath here. Especially on warm summer evenings this place is unique. The Wakenitz lies quite still and glistening in the light of the evening sun. In the distance, the twin spires of Lübeck Cathedral tower above the treetops. The setting sun bathes everything in orange light and you draw your circles.


Jogging in the Palinger Heath – running across the zone border

Jogging and running routes around Lübeck

Total length: 5 – 7 km

A running course through two federal states and across the former inner-German border. Besides these historical-geographical curiosities, you will experience a lot of nature and two very different landscapes. The route leads over flat terrain and consists mainly of forest paths. Coming from Eichholz, the route goes through the Wesloer Forst and optionally to the Waldsee. Without local knowledge, the paths are not easy to find at the first attempt. A small wooden bridge over the Landgraben leads you to our neighboring state. You will recognize this one by an old flagstone path through dense spruce forest. This leads in a southwesterly direction back to Eichholz, passing the open and sandy meadows of Palinger Heide – especially in the evening light this is a very beautiful route.


Pure nature – through the Schellbruch to Gothmund

Jogging and running routes around Lübeck

Total length: 6 – 8 km

The varied landscapes of the Schellbruch can be experienced very well on foot, by bike or even on foot. Along the way, you’ll pass through rustic, shady deciduous forests, extensive reed beds and marshlands, floodplains and knicks. For most of the route, however, you follow the course of the Trave River.

The old fishing village of Gothmund with its pretty gardens and thatched roofs is a suitable starting point. Alternatively, the forest path that branches off from the Black Trail near the waterworks would be a closer entry point to the city. From here, the route leads under shady beech and oak trees to the banks of the Trave River and from there towards Gothmund. On the embankment between the river and the lagoons and surrounded by water, here you will experience a unique feeling of space. The way back is via the hollow path, which, among other things, passes the forest kindergarten. This jogging route is probably not just around the corner for most of us, but is well worth it for its scenic beauty.


Meadows and fields – views in the south of St. Jürgen

Jogging and running routes around Lübeck

Total length: about 5 km

In Lübeck’s south, the view sweeps over a gently undulating hilly landscape of meadows, fields and curtilages. This jogging short course leads mostly along sandy and gravel paths along the outskirts of St. Jürgen. This makes it well suited for training higher speeds. The starting signal will be given at the station Hochschulstadtteil. From there, the route leads along the Nienmarker Landgraben and past the Mönkhof estate. After a loop along Saturnstrasse, the route returns to the starting point. If you want more, follow the Peter-Monnik-Weg through the UKSH grounds. Beyond the Ratzeburger Allee, the forests along the Wakenitz offer you unlimited possibilities to let off steam.


Running with sea view – Travemünde and the Brodtener Ufer

Jogging and running routes around Lübeck

Route length: 8 – 11 km

Jogging with a sea view – what could be better? This can also be done twice – there and back. After all, this offers you the great panorama of the Lübeck Bay from a different perspective!

From the Nordermole to the connecting stairs at Niendorf it is 10 km there and back. The lap to the Niendorfer pier is already 14 km. The path leads along the Travemünde promenade and through sparse deciduous forests along the Brodtener steep bank. The view wanders to the blue horizon of the Baltic Sea or along the opposite shore of the Lübeck Bay. Ideal conditions for achieving a runner’s high. Back in Travemünde, numerous opportunities beckon as a reward – whether it’s a swim in the Baltic Sea, a marzipan cappuccino at Niederegger or even a spa program at one of the hotels.

Have we forgotten anything? Would you like to share your personal favorite routes with us? We appreciate your feedback!

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