Lübeck Zwischenstopps

At second glance

In Lübeck’s UNESCO-Old Town, traces of our city’s rich past can be found in every possible corner. Often they are inconspicuous. People pass by them carelessly and do not hear their whispers. At the same time, these spots have a lot to talk about.

Like this wall hook or the animal paw track on a brick-red wall. Would you like to stroll around the Old Town with your eyes open? Here in the Lübeck ZWISCHENZEILEN we show you small and fine details that are worth a stop. They often refer to historically documented events. Sometimes they symbolize legends that have been passed down from generation to generation. Be curious!


Worth seeing!

Die Altstadt in Lübeck mit historischen Sehenswürdigkeiten aus der Hansezeit


The ZWISCHENSTOPPS are suggestions for small stops you can make in the Old Town of Lübeck. Monuments, statues and inscriptions hidden in narrow alleyways or nestled against a wall. They invite you to pause and break away from everyday life for a moment. Discover the Lübeck ZWISCHENSTOPPS away from the major sights of Lübeck.

What makes the Old Town so special?

In 1987, Lübeck’s Old Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its impressive brick architecture, town houses and churches, the city center forms a historical testimony to the Hanseatic League and the Middle Ages. Famous buildings such as the Holsten Gate, the Town Hall and the Hospital of the Holy Spirit have characterized the image of the Hanseatic city for centuries.

What is the island-shaped Old Town in Lübeck?

The medieval centre of Lübeck is located on the so-called Old Town island. It is completely surrounded by water. Over 90 historic alleyways and courtyards are preserved here to this day.