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Lübeck Youth Book Days? Are you serious, Barbara? Aren’t you just a teeny bit older than a teenager? Uh, yes, but this little glittering jewel of the event landscape in Lübeck is expressly aimed at every person who loves literature. And because I value the work of Bücherpiraten e.V. so highly, I’m reporting to you today in ZWISCHENZEILEN about the upcoming 16th Lübeck Youth Book Festival, about the book pirates and about the Lübeck Children’s Literature House at Fleischhauerstraße 71.

Two representatives of the seven-member organizing team of the 16th Lübeck Youth Book Days, Maria Czepat and Kalle P. Demmert, 16 and 15 years young, recently took me on a guided tour together with Anneke Brors, the colleague responsible for press and public relations at the association Bücherpiraten e.V.They showed me around the house with its ocher-yellow façade, which is unique in Germany. Since 2011, it has given a home to the Bücherpiraten e.V. and thus to literary discoverers between the ages of 3 and 19. The association is financed exclusively by donations and foundation funds, and numerous volunteers support the work of the association – for example, in the bookstore. Under the umbrella of the Children’s Literature House, twelve groups will be reading, creatively writing, drawing or performing to explore one of the most beautiful worlds of all – the world of books. These include the “Club der wundersamen Vorleser:innen”, the “Slämmerlämmer”, the “Lost and Found of Words” and the “Schmökerbande. The groups introduce themselves here on Instagram.

Lübeck Youth Book Days

Past future from 24-28 August 2022

One of the 12 groups – the one to which Maria and Kalle belong – devotes virtually an entire year to planning, preparing and implementing the Youth Book Days. In addition to them, Sophia, Nick, Edda, Clara and Isabelle are also involved in the orga team. The kick-off is always a work camp dedicated to finding a possible theme for the next Youth Book Days. There is brainstorming and discussion, ideas are presented and discarded until THE topic emerges that all group members are curious about. From August 24-28, 2022, the motto is “Past Future.

During the subsequent meetings the event is being prepared on many Sundays, during the school holidays and – to be honest – constantly the closer the event date gets. The group writes all the texts, organizes itself and thus learns by concrete example how to organize a high-quality cultural event. If necessary, the pedagogical director of the house Martin Gries is available for advice.

The Youth Book Days offer more than just a week packed with readings. Poetry walks through Lübeck and the book café are among them. Incidentally, as part of this year’s Museum Night, the Book Café will surprise visitors with unpredictable literary activities on August 27.

Lübeck Youth Book Days
Maria Czepat (r) and Kalle P. Demmert (l), two of seven orgateam members

Slam and Hermann Hesse

Two highlights are particularly close to Kalle, Maria and their group’s hearts: the Youth Book Days kick off on August 24 at 7:00 pm the Slämmerlämmer Slam, the final point is set on Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. a staged reading of Hermann Hesse’s classic “Unterm Rad.” Kalle reports that each team member put about 100 hours into working on this reading. One might think that the young people’s day would be completely filled with school and involvement in the Youth Book Days group. But no: Maria loves music and also plays the piano “on the side”. Kalle has completed training as a museum guide as part of the “Youth into the Museum” project. And he writes reviews for the online literary magazine “Blue Page”.

When asked what they like about the book pirates, Maria and Kalle talk about the friendships that develop in the community, the wonderful feeling of spending time with like-minded people, and working on projects across groups. Simply from the great joy of being part of a great whole.

The Children’s Literature House is worth your visit. The house is lovingly designed. The atmosphere is so warm that you’ll want to sit down on one of the colourful chairs and read.

You don’t have to be a child, not mom, dad, grandma or grandpa. It’s enough that you know children who you may please with a souvenir book. It is enough that you were a child yourself. And you’re never too old for some books.

Lübeck Youth Book Days

Maybe you feel like finding out what kind of book pirate you are? Just answer a few questions here . According to the test results, I am a street poet. Just amazing!

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