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The goldsmith’s magic

Today we meet Maren Evers-Knoop for Lübeck ZWISCHENZEILEN. Together with her husband Karl-August Knoop, she runs the traditional Lübeck company Lachmann’s Goldschmiede. The goldsmith’s workshop was founded in 1933 by Max Lachmann. The master goldsmith and her team are thus celebrating the 90th anniversary of the goldsmith’s workshop this year.

The current company owner started at Lachmann’s as an apprentice. She passed her master craftsman’s examination in 1977. In 1979, she took over the workshop and became self-employed. Today we have the opportunity for a little peek over their shoulder.

The art of goldsmithing

The work of the goldsmiths is a symbiosis of tradition and innovation. While the basic techniques have changed relatively little over the centuries, contemporary designs and materials are now incorporated to appeal to a wider audience. The process is as fascinating as it is challenging. The first step is to select the right gold, which varies according to the colour and purity required. It is then melted at extremely high temperatures to give it the desired shape. This requires not only technical skill, but also a deep understanding of the material’s properties.

Once the gold is melted, the true art of forging begins. The metal is carefully shaped. Once the piece of jewellery has been given its shape, it is carefully polished to bring out its characteristic sparkle. This is followed by finishing, where precious stones or other elements are added to complete the piece of jewellery.

Dreams become sparkling reality

“The magic is always in the detail.” Theodor Fontane already knew that. Maren Evers-Knoop knows that as well. Goldsmithing is honest and genuine craftsmanship with great attention to detail. When working with precious metals, a few degrees can make all the difference. So it’s all about absolute precision. But it is also and above all about people who want to make a very special wish come true and whom the goldsmith can help to find their own personal sparkling happiness.

What appeals to Maren Evers-Knoop about being a goldsmith is that she can bring to life a design that initially only flashes up as an idea in her head and is then captured as a sketch on paper. That is simply exciting. She prefers commissioned work. Customers often come with their own designs for a unique piece. Some of them wanted the goldsmith to create something new from the pieces of jewellery they had inherited. Both approaches make the master goldsmith’s eyes sparkle in equal measure. It is here that her talent, her trained sense of people and her professional expertise come together. I can literally feel her passion for getting to know the person for whom she is creating the finest jewels. What charisma does this person have? What colors does he wear? Does he want to stand out?

Each unique piece is firmly linked to the personality for whom it was intended.

With great empathy, the passionate company owner senses the wishes of her customers. Far beyond the material, this connection can become an unforgettable experience. Maren seems to remember every single commissioned piece she has ever made. Each unique piece is firmly linked to the personality for whom it was intended. There is the delicate young woman with the first name of a flower, for whom she made a necklace to mark her successful graduation and to whom she gave the advice to wear it as often as she could. The necklace will always adapt to the clothing and the time of day. A wonderful piece of advice that I will also take to heart. Don’t we all have far too many beautiful things that we only use on special occasions?

There is the lady who brought some old gold rings she had inherited. The master goldsmith was to make a ring with all the stones in it. At first, this seemed an impossible undertaking. But then Maren Evers-Knoop set to work and conjured up a unique piece that perfectly reflected the customer’s character. “It’s so beautiful! It suits me perfectly!” Maren can’t imagine a better compliment

Now and forever

Making wedding rings is a particular passion of the master goldsmith. Each handcrafted pair of wedding rings has a very unique look. The material, the structure, the small details tell the couple’s individual story. Every couple has a moment, a common theme, says Maren Evers-Knoop. Giving this motif a lasting form is an incomparable pleasure every time.

Maren can tell me the story of each pair of rings as we flip through the little red album. Of the young couple whose rings show the outline of the Alster lake. They had spent hours walking around the wintry Alster on their first date, and even the chilly evening couldn’t spoil the magic of the moment. Of the young couple who had surprisingly discovered a close connection to the gingko tree in both their families of origin. I don’t want to stop leafing through the album. But I don’t even need a wedding ring!

Lachmann's Goldschmiede in Lübeck - Goldsmith's art and craftsmanship
Lachmann's Goldschmiede in Lübeck - Goldsmith's art and craftsmanship

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry

Of course, it’s not just customers who want to have wedding rings or high-quality individual pieces made. In the store you will find beautiful objects from the Wellenspiel” collection or the “Engel” collection. But also stone necklaces and high-quality silver jewelry from the workshop of the family business Bernd Wolf are on offer. Pieces of jewellery from the Lübeck collection as souvenirs.

As you can see, a visit to Lachmann’s Goldschmiede is worthwhile. Whether you want to say “I do” forever, rework a keepsake or take Lübeck home on your finger.

To Lachmann’s Goldschmiede


Maren Evers-Knoop and Karl-August Knoop on the occasion of the 90th anniversary © Lachmann’s Goldschmiede


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