Magical Lübeck glass dome



Light that shines through the seasons

When our Old Town was so enchanted by snow recently, I set off in the direction of St Mary’s for Lübeck ZWISCHENZEILEN. My destination was the glass dome – a small place of longing in the town hall courtyard, which sends its glow into the world amidst the brick splendour.

The lights were twinkling, the scent of roasted almonds and mulled wine was in the air and the anticipation of Christmas was palpable. With St Mary’s Church, the Town Hall and the market square, the heart of the Old Town is one of the most beautiful districts in the UNESCO World Heritage Site – and not just in the run-up to Christmas.

Amazing fairy tale world

Even from a distance, the glass dome attracts attention with its protective glass dome. It looks a little like an illuminated flying object. Its transparent walls catch the daylight and allow the magical details inside to shine. When it gets dark, the colourful dome world shimmers with a fairytale glow that brings childhood dreams back to life. Or adult dreams. Because inside, it’s all about fairy tales. And no: it’s nothing like you imagine.

Here, the fairy tales are presented to you in a rather unorthodox way. There are hidden clues. Sometimes you have to look very closely. During your tour, you will most likely strike up a conversation with other people who will also be puzzled at one point or another as to which fairy tale might be meant here. Rapunzel, that’s the one with the extensions, right?

The more the merrier

If you are the type of person who needs a lot of clarity and who loves purist rigour, you may find this a little bit overwhelming. Everything inside is colourful, glittering, glamorous, dazzling and sparkling. Bubbles sail through the air. A majestic white stag draws the eye into the distance. Teddy bears, toys, an armchair for Santa Claus, colourful baubles. The craziest details are presented with a twinkle in the eye. As in life, sometimes nothing fits together and then you find the common thread. And that’s why the Dome is my place of longing. I love the abundance and the sparkle. The more of it.

What do you dream of? Of Ken reading your every wish from your eyes? That the magnificent birds of paradise will take you to the exotic destination of your dreams? You’re probably dreaming that, just like in fairytales, everything is going to be all right in the end. Well, that would be nice indeed.

If you want to experience the dome this year, you’ll have to hurry a little. It will be open until December 23 at 7 p.m. The good news is that it will be back from June 7-9, 2024 for the HanseKulturFestival. And in September you can visit it at the Magic of Lights in Travemünde.

Life won’t sparkle unless you do!

Der Glasdome auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt in Lübeck
Der Glasdome auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt in Lübeck
Der Glasdome auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt in Lübeck


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written by:

Barbara Schwartz