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Someone else’s pen

Experience Lübeck!

Nothing is as exciting as listening to the experiences of others. A pleasure when these are told in impressive stories. In the section“Fremde Feder” we present you a selection of stories from writing people who fell in love with Lübeck. They share their experiences in travel blogs, magazines and digital stories.

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One weekend in lübeck

Tamara Hinson from the blog loveExploring tells you what to do and experience on a weekend trip to our beautiful Hanseatic city.

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17 top attractions in lübeck

Carl Austin from touropia gives you general information about accommodation and how you get to Lübeck. He also presents 17 things you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Lübeck.


a summer day in lübeck

Katie has taken a look around in Lübeck in summer for her blog Katiesaway. Find lots of tips on how to spend a great day.

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an autumn day in lübeck

Caroline from the blog packthesuitcases has grabbed one beautiful autumn day and gives you 16 tips for your very special experiences in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


your travel guide for a perfect trip to lübeck

Renata Green compares Lübeck with Venice in her blog bye:myself. Her blog article provides a good background for a visit to Lübeck. Find out more by reading her blog.

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why lübeck should be on your bucket list?

Claire spent two summer days in Lübeck and explains on her blog tallgirlbigwordl why Lübeck should definitely be on your bucket list.

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lübeck in 36 hours

Laura and Lance from the blog travel addicts travel the world as much as their “real world” vacation schedules allow. They show you what you can do in Lübeck, even if you are short on time.

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queen of the hanseatic league

Michael Turtle from the blog timetravelturtle focused on the theme of the Hanseatic League during his stay. Read his blog and find out more.

nomad epicureans

19 tips for your journey to lübeck

Mihir and Jacky from the blog nomadepicureans have put together their top tips for a trip to Lübeck. Read their blog and get inspired!

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a late summer trip to lübeck

Niva Josef wrote a series of articles about romantic, picturesque Germany on her blog Niva – flavours from Europe and chose Lübeck as the opening city.

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short break from everyday life

Kash Bhattacharya from the blog Wanderlust takes a short break in Lübeck. He writes about his recommendation on how you can organise a three-day stay.

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Luebeck Altstadthaeuser an der Obertrave im Malerwinkel © LTM 1
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a trip to the beautiful old town of lübeck

Marta and Guillermo write about travelling all over the world on their Spanish travel blog Viajando de incognito. They both live in Germany, so of course an article about Lübeck is not to be missed.

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