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We all agree that ice cream is always a good idea. But which ice cream parlours are the nice ones in Lübeck? Fortunately for all of us, the popular sweet reached our latitudes as early as the 11th century. Merchants and traders brought the recipes from China to Europe via the Arab region. The new candy was frozen water flavored with various spices and fruits. However, it was several centuries before more modern cooling methods were available and ice cream became a product for everyone.

Ice cream parlours in Lübeck

Nowadays, there is an incredible variety of new flavour creations, such as sardines in brandy, salty licorice or Hokkaido potatoes ice cream. However, to my knowledge, the latter is not (yet) available in Lübeck. I limit my small selection to the Old Town. I have listed the 7 towers tips for your ice cream parlours in Lübeck in the ZWISCHENZEILEN in alphabetical order.

7 towers – 7 tips


Café Maret

Café Maret is an institution. Since 1786, it has been convincing with its location in the middle of the World Heritage Site of Lübeck’s Old Town directly on the market with an unobstructed view of the colourful hustle and bustle and the historic Town Hall. The interior is classic, the waiters wear neat aprons. Here you feel transported back to the “good old café times”. In addition to the large selection of delicious cakes, there is also ice cream from Niederegger. So if the queue is too long in front of Café Niederegger on Breite Straße, get your ice cream to-go at Café Maret’s retail window. My tip is the marzipan ice cream. Creamy, yummy marzipan.


Rialto ice cream parlor

A cozy Italian ice cream parlour at 29 Mühlenstrasse is Rialto. The large selection of ice cream sundaes will also please you. Everything made with love, attractively served and friendly. The fruit sundaes are great. Many fruits on it and the sauces are not too sweet. Every time I go on vacation in Italy, I am also reminded of the typical napkins.


Ice cream pavilion at the Holstentor

The ice cream pavilion at the Holstentor has been around for 60 years. The ice cream is freshly made every day. It’s super creamy – almost like soft ice cream. And like in my childhood there are exactly three flavors: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Perfect for people who are afraid of the agony of choice. Afterwards, you can enjoy your ice cream on the banks of the Trave river, for example, during a walk to the Museum harbour and with a view of the many water sports enthusiasts on the Trave.



Eating ice cream and ice cream parlors in Lübeck with the Luicella

Luciella’ s is one of the fine smaller ice cream parlors at Hüxstraße 46, where the ice cream is made from 100% natural and carefully selected ingredients. It comes without colourings and flavourings and instead of milk powder only fresh milk and cream are used. A considerable number of vegan options are also available. Cups and spoons are 100% compostable. From Coldbrew Coffee, Salt Caramel, Matcha Mascarpone to Mango Lassi, there are lots of fancy, very tasty ice cream flavours here.



Eating ice cream and ice cream parlours in Lübeck with Soulmates

The Soulmates ice cream parlour is located in a historic building at Fleischhauerstraße 61. I like the salesroom with the chandelier. The homemade ice cream created by the chef Jan-Hinrich Gottwald is really delicious. “Soulmates I Scream” – I can only subscribe to that. Why not order a refreshing passion fruit sorbetto with coconut sauce and vegan coconut chips. Or the Belgian chocolate. Sooo good! Take time to enjoy your ice cream on one of the benches out front.


Elvis ice

Every summer, this corner house on Königstraße 64 served delicious ice cream from the Carlo Scussel family. Whole generations have come to Lübeck’s oldest ice cream parlour since 1954 for some Italian moments in their lives. In January 2023, Elvis Bogicevic and his team took over the Venezia. In keeping with the owner’s first name, the ice cream parlor is now called Elvis Eis. The ambience of the ice cream parlour invites you with bright colours and lounge sound. It also offers delicacies for your afternoon coffee hour or for just in between. Breakfast is also available. A fond memory of the Venezia and the Scussel family is the shiny ice cream maker from the 1950s. A beautiful gesture!


YOMARO Frozen Yogurt

Minimalist design prevails at YOMARO in Lübeck at Hüxstraße 36. The interior looks clean and tidy compared to some other ice cream parlours. That way, nothing distracts you from the white bowls of toppings. Yomaro toppings such as seasonal fruits, fruit purees, mueslis, sauces, chocolates and other treats are of course freshly prepared. Frozen yogurt is also available in an all-vegetable version. I usually go for the cheesecake, brownie and chocolate.

Eating ice cream and ice cream parlours in Lübeck with Yomaro

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Barbara Schwartz