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Margrit Wegner

These days we are constantly looking up to the sky. Again and again our view goes up to the towers. What’s happening up there? Are the climbers in action? Will it rain? Andy risk of thunderstorms? Anyone planning a garden party knows this kind of questions. Will the weather be okay? Will the guests arrive in time? Will there be enough to eat for everyone? Do we have enough seating, salads and champagne? What about the decoration?

We are celebrating a birthday, and my oh my, what a birthday!

Lübeck’s Cathedral celebrates its 850th birthday. Lübeck’s oldest church is – like all Lübeck’s houses of worship – a gift to the city. It is open to all people, the residents of Lübeck, tourists, guests. This should be visible from afar, and that’s why industrial climbers are attaching the big red ribbon to the north tower these days. There has never been anything like this before. This is a new experience for everyone, for the climbers and also for the people who made the XXL inflatable loop.

That’s why we keep looking up to the sky. Wind and weather cannot be planned. The wind conditions at the top of the tower are different from those below on the large Cathedral lawn in front of the old walls. Will everything work out the way we want it to?

Dom Plakathaengung

A celebration for the whole city

We have planned so many activities dor the coming days and weeks. We are looking forward to over 50 concerts, guided tours, participatory events, church services and lectures. Above all, we look forward to the encounters. Already during the preparation we experienced how much the people of Lübeck identify with their seven towers. When we first started to talk about our ideas for the birthday, suddenly quite a number of people wanted to join in.

A hotel owner has created a video for her guests, a tightrope walker and her team created a performance for us, the Hanseatic people will set up their medieval camp in front of the Cathedral , the former German president will most likely come to congratulate us, and two female bishops will be with us as well.

The Theater Lübeck and a toy store, the Jugendbauhütte, the Haus der Kulturen, the House of Cultures. The children of the Cathedral School painted pictures and the seniors will bake cakes. We want to celebrate in the Cathedral and the surrounding area. The meadow inn front of the church, this wonderful green oasis in the south of the Old Town, will see a big garden party. There will be great music on stage every afternoon and especially in the evenings – with Lübeck bands, shanty, children’s and gospel choirs, with music to listen to and sing along to.

Small cathedral in front of the big one
(c) Ingo Socha

We welcome everyone who wants to celebrate.

All those who will join our festivities. With pop up bar and food trucks, with picnic, champagne and seltzer. We look forward to cozy evenings in deck chairs, to a sea of lights and starry skies. Of course, we look up to the sky from time to time. Will the weather be fine? Will the guests arrive in time? Will there be too much food or too little? As a parish we are celebrating such a festival for the whole city for the first time. This has never happened before. That’s why despite all these questions, we are so excited.

Listen to some birthday wishes dedicated to the Cathedral. (in German)

Dom Abendsegen

In the coming days and weeks, the ribbon will hang on the northern tower. The invitation is extended to everyone: just come by! Celebrate with us! Look what you can discover here beneath the towers, how young and lively Lübeck’s oldest community is. Experience for yourself how nice it is to get into conversation with people and experience something together that never existed before.

We celebrate life

We are having a party. We celebrate the birthday, no matter if with northern German drizzle or in bright sunshine. We are looking forward to whatever is coming – and to all who are coming. We look up to the sky. How beautiful is that. We celebrate that we can be together and celebrate. Thank God!

Dom Luebeck Ballon

We look up to the sky. How beautiful is that.

A short interview with Margrit Wegner about the planned activities. (In German)

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Margrit Wegner

Margrit Wegner was born in Hamburg and knew early on what her calling was. Her home parish, church music and youth work had a strong influence on her and led to her desire to become a pastor. Her theology studies were followed by a provostship at Hamburg's St. Michel's church and a vicariate in the high-rise district of Steilshoop, before going to Sweden to the Stockholm Cathedral. Her first position as pastor finally took Margrit Wegner to Lübeck to St. Jürgen's Chapel. She has been pastor at the Lübeck Cathedral since 2010.