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Bettina Braukmann

Hi there! Born in Flensburg, just a few metres from the Baltic Sea, I am a true child of the coast. We lived right by the harbour, right in the middle of life with sailors, quaint pubs, streetcars and organ grinders. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the little winding alleys around the corner from our apartment. I found the lively bustle and music from the historic houses thrilling.

Of course, at some point Flensburg became a bit too ‘stuffy’ for me. I was in the mood for more culture, more concerts, more museums, more exhibitions, more life! So, off to Hamburg. Because the waterfront was a must.

And then? Then Lübeck came into my life. Or vice versa? No matter!

Lübeck has quickly become my all-time favourite place to live!

Maybe because it reminded me a bit of my hometown? But somehow Lübeck seemed even MORE BEAUTIFUL! Naturally, I fell in love with the alleyways and courtyards. These small, hidden treasures and beauties of our Hanseatic city are definitely worth a visit! I particularly enjoy being out with our iconic nightwatchman Thomas Arndt. His public tours of the alleyways are legendary. My word of honour

I never imagined the role the alleyways would play in my (cultural) life. And actually finding a home in one of the tiny houses is certainly not one of them. But dreams do come true! In 2015, I moved into the Weintraubengang, into one of the small ‘booths’. Those who find their way to our alleyway may come across ‘Erik im Glück’ or the card reader or an urban sketcher. And did you know that Lübeck’s first adult movie theatre was located in this very alleyway?

There is so much going on around me in terms of culture and gastronomy. The Tonfink, the Willy Brandt Haus Lübeck, the European Hansemuseum, the Restaurant fangfrisch, the UTER Konditoreibar,Café Fräulein Brömse and much more. Everything within walking distance! What a gift.

Let’s create together – the Kulturtaler

This gift has been re-wrapped in early 2020! Without a bow! No glitter. Just silence! No street performers, no theatre, no concerts, no readings. Cultural life was reduced to zero and artists and cultural workers were left with nothing. No performances! No money! I could not stand by and do nothing. Together with good friends, I founded the non-profit organisation Kulturtaler Lübeck.

The Kulturtaler in Lübeck - quick help for art before, during and after Corona

Our aim was to provide financial and material support to the artists in need in a quick and uncomplicated way.

Together with many Lübeck residents, we have been able to achieve a great deal. So far, we have already raised 35,000 thalers. An impressive sum that has already enabled us to support more than 50 artists and cultural workers.

The Kulturtaler in Lübeck - quick help for art before, during and after Corona with Florian Künstler

Florian Künstler, for example, wanted to make music again at last and give people something beautiful to listen to. Well, and to earn money, of course. We were more than happy to approve his application for funding for his project, ‘Small outdoor concerts’. We have paid fees, made exhibitions and concerts possible, had musical instruments repaired and had auditions. Listening was so important. Our advisory board did a wonderful job.

“The Kulturtaler Lübeck was a lifesaver for me in the worst of times! Thank you for your commitment!”

Florian Künstler
Der Kulturtaler in Lübeck - schnelle Hilfe für die Kunst vor, während und nach Corona mit Gerhard P. Bosche

“The Kulturtaler enabled me to perform for the first time after many months of standstill. It is a wonderful experience to be able to tell stories in the courtyard – to be able to spoil the listeners with fairy tales on a dreamy day and to see shining, dreamy faces”.

Gerhard P. Bosche

Get started

To enable artists to perform and the people of Lübeck to enjoy culture again, the Kulturtaler has created the format ‘KOMM IN DIE GÄNGE’ (get started) Artists and guests can experience cultural moments in a unique setting in various beautiful alleyways. Between roses and urban gardening, for example, there have already been classical concerts with mezzo-soprano Hanna Szperalski, fairy tales and storytelling with Gerhard P. Bosche. Linny Johnson and Georg Harris have been playing moonlight concerts as part of the ‘KOMM IN DIE GÄNGE – Museumsnacht Spezial’ evenings. Admission is always free.

We want to make it possible for everyone to get involved in culture. And if people can’t come to us, perhaps because they have physical limitations, then we go to them and give them cultural moments.

The Kulturtaler in Lübeck - quick help for art before, during and after Corona

We are looking forward to everything that is yet to come. The worst is over! But our work continues because we see how important our small contribution to community is, and because we simply want to keep cultural diversity alive in Lübeck. In the alleyways, in the courtyards and in the neighbourhoods.

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Bettina Braukmann

Tina Braukmann moved to Lübeck 23 years ago to work, and she's come to love living in the Hanseatic City. As an entrepreneur and head of an event agency, her life was put on hold by the pandemic in spring 2020. Determined to help artists who no longer had any income, she founded the non-profit association "Kulturtaler Lübeck". Through membership fees, support from foundations and generous donations from many Lübeck residents, the association provides financial and material support to artists and cultural workers. Tina and her dedicated team continue to work tirelessly to promote projects and strengthen the local cultural scene.