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an oasis in Israelsdorf

At weekends, long before Thomas Mann’s time, people went out through the castle gate to the beach in Travemünde, to hike in the Lauerholz and in the Schellbruch, a green oasis that is now a nature reserve and stretches through Karlshof, Israelsdorf and Gothmund. The area has picturesque brackish lagoons, freshwater ponds and wet meadows and is home to around 200 species of birds. In Israelsdorf, which was first mentioned in 1163 and bought by Lübeck in 1513, the so-called “Schankgerechtigkeit” for coffee and tea had already been granted in 1781. As a result, there were several garden coffee houses offering refreshments and sandwiches, cakes and coffee.

The Benett family has been doing the same for us for more than 25 years in their Landschätzchen Gartencafé at Eichenweg 10 , which I visit today for the Lübeck ZWISCHENZEILEN to talk to Christoph Benett , who, together with his wife Nikola and the whole family, has turned this idyllic hideaway at the gates of the Old Town into a place to feel at home.

Happiness is waiting outside

This countryside treasure conveys a very good attitude to life. The spacious garden attracts you as soon as you have parked your bike. Like a smile, small bouquets of flowers on garden tables and lovingly placed decorations welcome you. Seat cushions and blankets are ready for you.

Christoph and Nikola Benett and the whole team are hosts with love and passion. You quickly realize that these are people with an eye for detail. People. who put themselves in the guest’s shoes and consider what they could do to turn an afternoon in the Landschätzchen café into a micro-holiday.

Did I hear cake?

Only you are the judge of what is best for your personal taste in the great outdoors. It could be one of the ice cream specialities. Or a slice of cherry chocolate cake. Or would you prefer an Israelsdorf cream puff – certainly no less delicious than in Thomas Mann’s day – filled with rhubarb or wild berries? Everything is always made fresh in the Landschätzchen bakery. The Benett couple attach great importance to seasonality and regionality. Christoph Benett grew up on the family farm in Israelsdorf, which has been in the family for more than 100 years and is now run by Christoph’s brother Harald. Living in and with nature still determines his activities today. In harmony with the seasons, you will find exactly what is available in our region on the menu. So strawberry tart is served at strawberry time and not in September.

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You place your order at a small white-painted kiosk in the entrance area of the garden. Your favourite treats are also served right there. You are usually not the only person to wait in line. What I really like about the Landschätzchen team is that they always keep a cool head and never lose sight of the big picture. This also helps to relax those who are waiting and rushing around.

Hearty grilled dishes complete the offer. I don’t want you to think it’s all sweets! I’d recommend the grilled game sausage, which comes from the countryside delicatessen that the Benetts run alongside. Well, on top of all the activities they do! Wild boar goulash, venison salami and venison sausage: these and other sustainable game products are all produced in their manufactory. Christoph Benett is a passionate hunter who sees it as his most important task to look after game populations and protect the ecosystem.

Incidentally, he also loves cooking and passes on his knowledge in cooking courses. Unfortunately, they are always booked out very quickly. Is it because Christoph has already taken part in the TV series“The Perfect Dinner“? You can find a few recipes on the Landschätzchen website.

Young and old are welcome

What makes the Benetts garden café really special are the many activities on offer for the little ones. A veritable fleet of vehicles awaits young drivers. Whether bobby car or tractor – here the kids can test their driving skills. The little ones also make new friends while playing in the sandpit. Much to the delight of the adults, who know that their kids are well occupied.

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My favourite part of the garden is the small animal enclosures where geese, goats, chickens, rabbits and ponies live. Nowadays, there are not so many places left where children come into contact with animals and nature. Chicken manure? Stable smell? A pitchfork? Many kids only know geese from books. Here you can hear their excited chattering. The cock strides around his hens with a proudly swollen chest. Soon the swallows will be back too. The nest from the previous year is already waiting for them under the stable cover.

What the Benetts do in the limited space available to them is truly remarkable. This is a clear sign of the family’s deep connection with nature, and it is a matter close to their hearts that we all learn to live more with nature again.

You can also reach the Gartencafé by public transport. Line 12 takes you from Lübeck’s central bus station to Israelsdorf. The Landschätzchen offers you its treasures on Saturdays and Sundays from 13:30 to 18:00. They are also open on public holidays. It is worth checking the current times on the website. The Benetts also open their garden during Advent. There will be a bonfire, hot punch and campfire bread on sticks. But until then, we really look forward to a long, wonderful summer. With lots and lots of ice cream!


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written by:

Barbara Schwartz