The house at Große Burgstraße 4 was built in 1894-1896 as a courthouse. The neo-Gothic forms with pointed arches and stepped or stepped gables are striking. Glazed bricks with alternating colours emphasise the monumental massiveness of the building. I

In an ogival niche at the top of the pediment of the central risalit, you can discover the larger-than-life figure of “Justitia” on a brick console.

She holds the typical attributes of scales and a sword in her hands. Justitia represents the idea that a person who enters this building should experience justice and be protected by the wisdom of the law.

Justitia weighs both sides with a clear mind (scales), but punishes injustice with the sharpness and power of the law (sword). The statue was created in 1896 by the sculptor Georg Küsthart. A s with many Justitia figures in Hanseatic cities, this Justitia does not wear a blindfold. The idea behind this was that Justitia should be able to look the accused in the eye when passing sentence.



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written by:

Barbara Schwartz