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Adelheid would have loved it: the café that bears her name and its incomparably charming interior. Yes, Miss Brömse did indeed exist. The oldest daughter of the former mayor Heinrich Brömse was an influential woman from 1517 as abbess of the St. Johannis monastery. The management of a monastery was demanding, required diplomatic skills and a high education. Religious centres often had close ties to politics and business and helped shape secular events. Adelheid was a strong-willed person which brings me directly to the two managers of Café Fräulein Brömse, Jana Leitzke and Tanja Wolff.

Broemse Jana Tanja

A magical place

These two are also impressive women, but they live entirely in the now and have clear conceptual ideas about how their “Fräulein Brömse” should ideally present itself, namely as an authentic meeting place. As an inviting haven of peace with an outdoor terrace and a unique view over brick-red Old Town walls. As a café that offers delicacies of all kinds: creamy and chocolaty, lactose- and gluten-free, fruity and vegan.


Tanja Wolff and Jana Leitzke on their “Fräulein Brömse” and the Re-Start

Hidden behind confessional walls

A little hidden in the courtyard of the European Hansemuseum, the café is a real treasure. With its two lovingly designed rooms, it had been lying in slumber since October 2020, from which Jana and Tanja fortunately awakened it together with Holger Schubert and Katharina Boye – the owners of the popular “Kaffeehaus Lübeck” in Hüxstraße. It was there that Jana and Tanja got to know each other as colleagues, and they grabbed the opportunity to kiss the slumbering beauty awake and breathe fresh life and new ideas into it.

Sunday tableware in design ambience

The café was already a much-loved spot in Lübeck until it shut its doors.. This also explains the great enthusiasm of the guests for the “second life” of Miss Brömse. The owners have set themselves the goal of carefully preserving the past of the house and yet at the same time innovatively and creatively design something new.

So what remained of Adelheid’s first café life was Grandma’s Sunday coffee service. The “china for good”, which in the time of the economic miracle was taken out of the cupboard only for the most important occasions in life. At the café, there is not just one service, but a colourful hodgepodge of coffee and tea cups, gold-rimmed cake plates and small jugs with filigree decorations, which – as soon as you have taken your seat – immediately gives rise to conversation: “Well, I know that pattern, my great-aunt Hildegard had that, too!” “Look, isn’t that the rose pattern that cousin Brigitte had as a 24-piece service?” Immediately there is this feeling of home, of being safe, of “this is also my past”. Many a lovingly selected detail, such as the key tassel on the antique vertico, has also remained. It immediately catches my eye, because also my grandparents had them hanging on the closets In soothing contrast – elegantly curved leather-covered chairs, minimalist ceiling lights, warm wall colours.

Café Fräulein Brömse sitting area

Barista duo meets pastry magician

Tanja and Jana have learned their craft from scratch. Jana got involved with the world of coffee simply by chance – as she says. She loves to put a smile on people’s faces and enchant guests with small moments of happiness with unobtrusive, yet attentive service at all times. After completing her training as a hotel manager, Tanja went out to conquer the world. Driven and always curious about new professional opportunities, she gained valuable experience. She implements new ideas at Café Fräulein Brömse. It is important to her to meet people at eye level.

Be real, be honest, be authentic. These attributes are both women’s guideline and claim.

As professional baristas, they naturally know the secrets of the coffee bean and its perfect grind. Depending on the type, variety, cultivation, preparation, roasting and preparation, the coffee forms its flavour. Whether you want a frothy cappuccino, a strong espresso or a creamy latte macchiato, Tanja and Jana are true artists in their field. Though, the duo is a trio. Nothing would work without Natalie Schulz, the master confectioner, who conjures up the most wonderful creations in the small bakery next door. She translates Tanja’s and Jana’s ideas into delicious dough, into harmonious compositions that enchant the Brömse guests: – chickpea brownies, apple cream meringue, cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake with passion fruit seeds or cakeballs chocolate quinoa.

Broemse Natalie 3 scaled

My not so secret favorite anymore

Natalie’s sweet vegan rolls Franzbrötchen made with pastry dough have become a real insider tip of the café. This caramel cinnamon yeast deliciousness made from a vegan recipe is mega tasty. Fortunately, the crispy pastry is always a great choice – whether for breakfast or afternoon coffee. I asked myself:

Can you knead happiness?

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Straight from Natalie’s kitchen.

Thanks to Natalie, there are already a number of Franzbrötchen addicts just a few weeks after the reopening. And I am convinced: there will lots more very soon. The menu will soon include breakfast specials and a daily lunch special. Natalie works on sugar-free baked goods. This is another trend that the café’s management team wants to pick up on. The dates are already ordered.

Café Fräulein Brömse: a vegan Franzbrötchen roll

Currently, the “Fräulein” is open for you daily from 11:00 – 18:00. Best check out Instagram or Facebook to not miss any updates.

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