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And again I’m on the road in Fleischhauerstraße. This time I’ll be visiting the house with the number 67, where Kristian Szymczak and his dedicated team in the “Nitsche – Deli & Freiraum” make guests happy. There is an indescribable feeling of new beginnings in the air after the long months of lockdown. And this is not only due to the warming rays of the spring sun. Kristian also radiates this spirit, a man with a communicative nature who thinks in solutions and strikes me as a born host.

Nitsche Deli & Freiraum in Lübeck

Delicious Deli

Nitsche Deli & Freiraum offers delicious vegan dishes like bowls, as well as sandwiches and toppings for the non-vegan diner. A real asset for the lower Fleischhauerstrasse, which has now become a favourite spot for many locals and guests. Incidentally, the deli concept originated in the US, where Jewish immigrants founded the first delicatessen at the end of the 19th century. Initially small snack stores, specializing in freshly prepared food – also for takeaway. Legendary is New York’s Katz’s Delicatessen, where that famous scene from the movie Harry and Sally was filmed in 1989. But I digress….

A place to think and work, to let thoughts fly and conceptualize, to meditate and come down and of course to enjoy.

Kristians Deli is much more than that. He has created a true feel-good space, with a co-working area and yoga studio on the 1st floor. In the truest sense of the word, a “free space”. To think and work, to let thoughts fly and conceptualize, to meditate and come down and of course to enjoy. Everything just goes together here. Kristian’s Deli & Freiraum is a place where guests can feel comfortable and interact with others. Created by someone who thinks freely and loves people.

Kristian Szymczak

A true connoisseur of the Lübeck gastronomic scene

That is actually the strongest impression I take away from the Nitsche. Hardly a minute goes by without Kristian waving to someone or greeting a regular or someone passing by. He seems to know almost everyone. No wonder, after all, he has been working in Lübeck’s catering industry for 19 years, even though his path – on the urgent recommendation of his dad – initially led him to a craft apprenticeship after leaving school. He is very grateful for that today. After all, the diverse experiences from this time are now benefiting him. For example, he himself lent a hand in many places during the conversion of the Nitsche.

After his first evening as a waiter at a reception aboard the traditional sailing vessel “Passat” during Travemünde Sailing Week, the fire was lit. Kristian felt that giving people a good time made him happy. This was followed by further training as a restaurant specialist and jobs at the the Lachswehr restaurant and the Strandsalon. The latter brought completely new experiences with parties and corporate events and, as a highlight, the public viewing for 3,000 guests including sponsor acquisition at the 2018 World Cup.

Eat pray love – Lübeck style

These are all steps on his life’s journey that led the 36-year-old right here. To Nitsche Deli & Freiraum, whose concept took shape in Kristian’s head during a time-out. During his travels to Asia, he and his wife Shylin first came into contact with the idea of bringing together the topics of healthy eating, co-working and mindfulness in Bali. Talking about Shylin. His great love for his wife sounds from his words. She is “his inspiration and the guiding force in the background,” as Kristian says. She encouraged him to develop his idea into a model adapted to Lübeck. What was missing was the right location, which the couple stumbled upon during one of their evening walks in the Old Town and which captivated both of them from the very first moment. The time finally came at the end of May 2020.

Kristian Szymczak Nitsche Deli & Freiraum Lübeck

“Hey, I had a dream…”

At the Nitsche, wheat is largely avoided and predominantly vegan dishes are prepared from seasonal and regional ingredients wherever possible. Fresh vegetables from the surrounding area are added to the bowl, along with delicious organic wines and ONE Fairtrade coffee specialties. The Nitsche philosophy is based on own creations. Meat should not be replaced and vegan junk food is an absolute no-go. Healthy eating runs in the family and many a time Kristian comes to his cooks Sebastian and Imre with a still vague idea “I had a dream!” And the kitchen team develops a new tasty offer from the inspiration. My favourite, by the way, is the Glockengießer Bowl with Beluga Lentils and Spinach Gnocchi. Sooo good!

Meeting, meditation and meaty mushrooms

The concept is very well received. The Nitsche fits perfectly into our time, with more and more people wanting to work flexibly and on a mobile basis and rely on healthy food during the break. The fully equipped meeting room can accommodate 10 people. Ideal for a team meeting away from the office. The lovingly designed yoga room has all the equipment. It is mainly booked by yoga trainers who do not have their own studio. After the asanas, people like to stay for a homemade juice, a bowl or a golden milk. Whatever brings you to Kristian at Nitsche Deli & Freiraum: you will feel that Kristian has found his passion.

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Barbara Schwartz