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Love is in the Air

Today I would like to recommend you some wonderful outdoor places in and around Lübeck’s old town. I have asked a number of colleagues for their opinions on this. After all, this is not meant to be a private look at Lübeck’s romantic sides be. And lo and behold, there were tips in there that I wouldn’t have chosen. All the more important to include them. It’s clear that romantic moments can’t be experienced exclusively as a couple, and also that romance doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to the one great love… Whoever you are traveling with: let the magic of the now take the scepter and let yourself drift.

7 towers – 7 tips


The painter angle

We open our little list with tip no. 1, which leads us to the Malerwinkel. We start our little list with tip number 1, which takes us to the Malerwinkel. This is a not-so-hidden place that is firmly anchored in the hearts of the people of Lübeck. It is a small green area south of the Dankwartsbrücke bridge, opposite the Old Town. From here you can look out over the Cathedral quarter, the colourful facades of the houses along the street “An der Obertrave” and the imposing double tower of the Cathedral, which is celebrating its 850th birthday this year. . The river Trave flows leisurely by here. Take a rest on one of the benches or on the green embankment and enjoy the unobstructed view of the old town with its narrow backyards and residential alleyways with their tiny houses.

The opposite side of the river also has its romantic charm: laundry flutters in the wind and people chat outside the doors. The further you stroll towards the Cathedral, the quieter it gets around you. Lübeck is truly picturesque here.


Under trees in the school garden

Romantic Lübeck in nature and on the waterfront

The School Garden – our tip number 2 – has already been featured in detail in the Lübeck ZWISCHENZEILEN It is one of my favourite places in the city. To get there you have to leave the Old Town. Head east along Glockengießerstraße to a pedestrian bridge over the canal, affectionately called glittering bridge by the locals If you follow the street “An der Falkenwiese” you will reach the hidden area. Here you can promenade with pleasure from April 1 to October 31. Each season the School Garden welcomes you in a different floral dress The area is compact and manageable, but at certain times of the day you will discover hidden corners that belong to you and your darling alone. The Coffee house supplies you with goodies, by the way, in case you don’t have a romantic pickknick with you.


On the way in the boat

Romantic Lübeck in nature and on the waterfront

Our tip number 3 takes you out on the water. You may already be familiar with BoatNow’s electric boats. They are very popular and offer you the opportunity to explore the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lübeck’s Old Town from the water and leave your everyday life behind. Lübeck’s church towers are always in view.

For a more athletic alternative, you can take a tour of the Old Town in a rowing boat. Since you probably don’t carry a boat with you all the time when you travel, it’s a good fit that it’s easy to rent one in Lübeck And once once you’re out on the water, you can find out if you and your companion are a harmonious rowing team and who’s going to make the spontaneous announcements. Not such a bad insight – if you’re considering a long-term relationship.

If you feel like spending more romantic time on the boat, we recommend you for your round the Wakenitz. It is the natural outlet of the Ratzeburger Lake. During the construction of the Elbe-Lübeck Canal, the small river was dammed. Motor boats are not allowed to travel here. There are many places where you can glide along quietly and get close to nature: you might spot a corncrake or a red kite. On the west bank of the Wakenitz you can stop for a bite to eat, for example at the Müggenbusch Restaurant and the Absalonshorst Restaurant, both of which were built from former fishing huts.


Along the romantic Wakenitz

Romantic Lübeck in nature and on the waterfront

We stay with the Wakenitz for our tip number 4. In my little team research, the river was the most frequently mentioned. For a long time, the Wakenitz supplied the people of Lübeck with drinking and industrial water. For this reason, the river was dammed in the Middle Ages with the Hüxterdamm and the Mühlendamm. This is how the Krähenteich and the Mühlenteich ponds were created. Today, the Wakenitz is drained by a culvert at Falkenstraße and a drain at Falkendamm.

From Lübeck, the 18 km long Drägerweg leads from the Moltke Bridge towards Ratzeburg, partly along the Wakenitz. Here people like to cycle, jog and promenade. In summer you can also swim in many places in the Wakenitz. A nice place to swim is at the end of Schäferstraße near the Heimathafen restaurant. From there you can also swim to the opposite shore of the Wakenitz/Gärtnergasse nature reserve. Here the Wakenitz flows in its wide riverbed and has a dense stand of trees on both sides. In the romantic evening light, you’re sure to find your idyllic picnic spot.


Favorite bench in Füchtingshof

Romantic Lübeck in nature and on the waterfront

The fact that there are still more than 90 residential alleyways and 6 large courtyards in Lübeck is probably not news to you. At any time of the day, a stroll through at least one or two of the residential corridors will open up surprising perspectives. Here you are in the middle of everyday life in Lübeck’s Old Town and yet in a hidden world. If you stroll through these green oases with your eyes open, you will discover wonders, lovingly arranged things, simply remarkable details everywhere. I like to find a little place where I can immerse myself in the light and soak up the surroundings.

One of my favourite benches is in the Füchtingshof at Glockengießerstraße 25-29, which you have already read about in the Lübeck ZWISCHENZEILEN . Sitting under a canopy of green leaves you can admire the marvelous splendour of the estate. You feel transported back to the past and yet you are part of the romantic present


The roof terrace of the Hansa Museum

Romantic Lübeck in nature and on the waterfront

Around the European Hansemuseum there are several cozy places. Directly after your visit to the museum, you can stop at Café Fräulein Brömse , which we have already introduced in the Lübeck ZWISCHENZEILEN. Outside in the cozy courtyard you sit sheltered with a view of the brick-red stones of the historic building. If you feel like letting your mind wander, take a seat on themuseum’s roof terrace. It is such a beautiful place in the light of the setting sun. Dreams and plans for the future take flight as you gaze out over the river Trave and the port facilities.


The citizen gardens of Lübeck

Romantic Lübeck in nature and on the waterfront

Lübeck’s Bürgergärten are a small park at Königstraße 3-11, consisting of several interconnected gardens in the middle of the Old Town. This is where my tip number 7 takes you. Many Lübeck residents don’t even know about this little oasis. The gardens are open to the public free of charge and stretch from the Hospital of the Holy Spirit to the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus. You will find the entrance to the gardens by orientating yourself at the Geibel monument turning right and following the cobbled lane.

You’ll find plenty of places to sit and take a break in the gardens. You are in the middle of the Old Town and yet in the seclusion of this enchanting place. Have a look at the modern art. I really like the small terracotta figures by sculptor Marianne Brand. They stand on a brick pedestal in front of the rehearsal house of the Lübeck Boys’ Choir: one of the figures is playing a large flute, while the second has his head in his hands and listens devoutly. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than that to experience a magical romantic moment with a loved one.

Are you missing a romantic outdoor spot here that I definitely should have mentioned? Then I am very much looking forward to your very personal recommendation.

Are we having a power outage or why are candles burning here?

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